First blog post

Many of us know the struggle: struggling to get out of the bed in the morning, struggling to keep calm as you walk through school or work halls, struggling even as many people don’t think you are. After all, you do everything. From being Captain of the school Science Team to being President of Art Club while holding two jobs, you know how to lead a relatively successful life. But no one understands- at least, it seems like it.

This blog is to bring us with high-functioning mental disorders together. To revel in the unique challenges it holds, and the anecdotes that make us startlingly human. I will be sharing my own story, hobbies, updates, and interests as well as tips, and I hope you will as well.

No one should feel alone, especially in a digitized age. And no one should be a lonely cat lady either (though being a secret cat lady is totally okay). I hope you enjoy.